Topcoat Brushing Kit Up to 28FT

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SKU: 99-BA1-BR28-KT

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Topcoat Brushing Kit Up to 28FT includes:  (2) QT 99-BA1-Base, (1) QT 99-ABR-2001 Brushing Activator, (1) QT SR-95 Brushing Reducer, (1) CRC-F6-4PK Topcoat Rollers (2) Mixing Cup, (2) Stir Sticks, (2) Pair Gloves

NOTE:  For dark colors, a final application of Clear topcoat is required. Please see  99-BA1-DKBR28-KT- Dark Color Topcoat Brushing Kit Up to 28FT which includes Clear Kit.   

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