Engineered Marine Coatings was founded with the idea of bringing to market a marine polyurethane system technology that would be easy to apply,  deliver the highest level of gloss and gloss retention, maximize abrasion resistance for marine use and meet current and future environmental guidelines. Professional applicators in the pleasure boat market are not satisfied with the products that are currently available. The same paints have been produced since the late 1970s — they were difficult to apply then and continue to be difficult to apply to large surfaces such as pleasure boats. If a product is hard to apply, then it is unlikely to meet the owners expectations in terms of gloss level, smoothness and clarity as well as the coating system service life.

Engineered Marine Coatings is dedicated to providing the boat owner and the paint applicator with a proven performance two-part polyurethane paint system to deliver the optimum look and performance for the yachting market. Their polyurethane coating system for pleasure boats is called Quantum99.