To paint up to a 28' hull we recommend the following:

  • First, decide if the boat needs to be primed.
  • If you have porosity or scratches you will want to prime first
    • 1 Gallon 45-SP-White
    • 1 Gallon 45-A-100
    • 1 Quart SR-45
    • 1 pack mohair rollers
  • Topcoat products
    • 2 Quarts 99-BA1-(color of choice)
    • 1 Quart 99-ABR-2001
    • 1 Quart SR-95
    • 1 pack Quantum foam rollers
  • The Genius Bucket kit is great for providing all materials needed to topcoat.  Primers will need to be ordered seperately.

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